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Houston Christian University | June 22, 2024

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Star Wars Documentary Featuring Joshua Sikora Now Available

Documentary Featuring HBU Professor Now Available

| On Sep 16, 2016

A new feature-length documentary has been released, offering a fresh perspective on the polarizing Star Wars prequel trilogy. Joshua Sikora, chair of HBU’s Cinema & New Media Arts program, was interviewed for the film and is featured extensively, speaking to the cinematic and mythological foundations of George Lucas’ classic sci-fi saga. Sikora has explored Lucas’ work through multiple courses he has taught at HBU and in a series of essays entitled “Great Shots of the Saga” available at

Directed by Austin-based filmmaker Bradley Weatherholt, The Prequels Strike Back includes interviews with a diverse array of film scholars, critics, filmmakers, and fans. Sikora shares insights into the literary influences in the films, such as parallels to Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Bible, historical allusions, connections to Lucas’ experimental work as a student filmmaker, and the deeper thematic motifs of the saga. The film also explores Mike Klimo’s Star Wars Ring Theory, which analyzes the complex chiastic structure at work in the six films.


The Prequels Strike Back is now available to purchase ($9.99) or rent ($2.99) via Amazon, VHX, or YouTube. A ten-minute preview is also available through the film’s website.

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