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Houston Christian University | May 20, 2024

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HBU Launches New Interactive Media & Digital Design Major

HBU Launches Interactive Media & Digital Design Major

| On Jul 01, 2017

Houston Baptist University is pleased to announce the availability of a new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media & Digital Design, a new major within HBU’s Cinema & New Media Arts program.

Building upon the success of the BFA in Cinematic Arts and the BA in Mass Media Arts, HBU’s School of Fine Arts has developed a new 58 credit hour degree program, which will focus on interactive digital mediums, from web development to game design to emerging opportunities in virtual and augmented reality.

In addition to foundational Media Arts courses, the new degree integrates key classes from HBU’s Studio Art program and the Archie W. Dunham College of Business, providing students with practical digital skills for the 21st-century, framed within a rich fine arts context.

At the core of the new degree are a series of digital media classes that help develop skills and artistic theory within this unique artistic space. CNMA 3330 Digital Design & Portfolio introduces students to graphic design and web development, with the practical aim of providing each student a digital portfolio to showcase their best work. Two new courses developed specifically for this degree include CNMA 3335 Principles of Interactive Media and CNMA 4330 Advanced Digital Design. Throughout the program, students will be trained in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and After Effects, as well as Autodesk’s Maya for 3D animation and Unreal Engine for game development and VR/AR applications.

The BFA in Interactive Media & Digital Design will be available to all current and incoming students beginning Fall 2017.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media & Digital Design

Cinema & New Media Arts Program Core

  • CNMA 0301 Introduction to Video Production
  • CNMA 1301 Cinematic Core Principles
  • CNMA 1305 Art of Storytelling
  • CNMA 1310 Media & Careers Survey
  • CNMA 1311 Collaboration & Communication
  • 3 hours of Faith, Culture, & the Arts coursework (CNMA 1150, 1250, or 1350)

Studio Art & Business Courses

  • ART 1303 Art Methods & Materials
  • ART 1313 Design I
  • ART 3334 Color Theory
  • BUSA 1305 The World of Business

Interactive Media & Digital Design Courses

  • CNMA 3330 Digital Design & Portfolio
  • CNMA 3335 Principles of Interactive Media
  • CNMA 4330 Advanced Digital Design
  • 6 hours of Fine Arts courses for Degree Specialization
  • 6 hours of Internship (CNMA 3145, 3245, or 3345)
  • CNMA 2301 Writing for Cinema & New Media or any WRIT (Writing) course
  • CNMA 4305 Media Law & Ethics
  • CNMA 4199 Senior Portfolio

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