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Houston Christian University | May 15, 2024

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Houston Filmmaker Grant

Houston Filmmaker Grant

| On Feb 08, 2013

Today a press release announced an opportunity for Houston filmmakers:

Applications are now being accepted for Houston Filmmaker Grant 2013, a $30,000 matching grant for the production of a narrative feature-length commercial motion picture produced in Houston by a local filmmaker.

First-time filmmakers (with production industry knowledge and experience) and film veterans are eligible for the program.  The award will be presented to a recipient whose work shows excellence in the genres of narrative (live action or animation) production.

Submissions must be received by March 15.

A $20,000 grant is made possible through the City’s Initiative Grant Program through Houston Arts Alliance.  Two additional $5,000 grants – provided by the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau and Houston First Corporation – will provide the total of $30,000.

“Every time a film or video project is produced in Houston it means jobs for local technicians and talent and contracts for vendors and support services,” said Mayor Parker, whose support of the film industry as an economic generator led to the grant.  “Nurturing this industry is a great investment in my book.  I can’t wait to see the film that is made as a result of this grant.”

The grant, which was the outcome of a task force formed last year, supports emerging filmmakers who have at least $30,000 in matching fund commitments in place and have a feature-length motion picture in the early stages of production.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel comprised of five independent motion picture experts.  Applicants will be rated on artistic and production excellence, commercial viability, and financial position.

“Much like filmmaking itself, the realization of the Houston Filmmaker Grant has been a truly collaborative effort,” said Rick Ferguson, Executive Director of the Houston Film Commission.  “All the participating organizations are dedicated to the support of the local film industry as well as all aspects of Houston’s arts community.

Find out more here.

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