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Houston Christian University | September 26, 2023

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Professor Coleman Published in Image Journal

Professor Coleman Published in Image Journal

| On Jul 31, 2017

Bearden Coleman, Associate Professor of Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing, was recently published in a film-focused issue of Image Journal. The essay, as part of a series of articles about the films that help you live better, takes a closer look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master and the way it helps viewers see the world more clearly and honestly.

“The Master is a major work because the kind of sight it gives us is literal. Maybe we walk out of the theater and observe the way light plays off a car windshield, or perhaps we notice the way a fall breeze blows our child’s hair. The Master is also significant because it knows visual perception is deeply tied up with the workings of the soul. That is, to see properly is to live properly. Or as Christ put it: ‘So, if your eye be healthy, your whole body will be full of light.'”

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