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Houston Christian University | July 10, 2024

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CGI Isn’t the Problem: In Hollywood, Reality’s Not Guaranteed

June 16, 2015 |

As another summer of blockbusters rolls around, it seems like the audience may finally be losing its appetite for computer-generated images (CGI) — at least if articles like this or this are to be believed. Across …

Students Demo Oculus Rift VR System

May 2, 2015 |

We’re always looking forward to what opportunities technology will unlock for the next generation of storytellers and artists. This last week, our Cinema & New Media Arts students tried out HBU’s new Oculus Rift VR system …

New Quadcopter Camera Rig for Students

December 1, 2014 |

Our CNMA program just acquired a new Phantom quadcopter camera rig. Our students (and professors) haven’t put it down since it arrived!…

The Crowdsourcing Paradigm Shift

May 10, 2013 |

Over at IndieWire, SlamDance Film Festival co-founder Dan Mirvish argues that donating might be better than investing when it comes to film:

In all the fuss over Veronica Mars and Zach Braff, people are getting …

Why Now Is Different Than Before

April 10, 2013 |

“To me, the great hope is that now these little 8mm video recorders and stuff will come out and some people who normally wouldn’t make movies will be making them and suddenly one day, some little …

Math in the Movies

March 12, 2013 |

The Verge highlights the research of Pixar Senior Scientist Share Tony DeRose:

“The topic of DeRose’s lecture is “Math in the Movies.” This topic is his job: translating principles of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra into software …

Kickstarter Funds 25% of SXSW13

March 11, 2013 |

Kickstarter reports on the SXSW Film Festival 2013:

In the past three years, more than $100 million has been pledged to film projects on Kickstarter. Filmmakers have successfully funded nearly 9,000 projects, with support from more …

The Art of the Steadicam

March 7, 2013 |

From Refocused Media:

Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70’s, the steadicam shot — or ‘steadishot’ — has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the …

Netflix and User Data

February 18, 2013 |

Andrew Leonard, How Netflix is Turning Viewers Into Puppets

For years Netflix has been analyzing what we watched last night to suggest movies or TV shows that we might like to watch tomorrow. Now it …