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Houston Christian University | July 10, 2024

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About Clint Cullum

Clint Cullum

Clint Cullum

Clint Cullum is an independent filmmaker, author, and playwright from Willis, Texas. A lover of great cinema, Cullum has extensively studied the medium, with a special emphasis on the work of European filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky. He co-wrote the feature film Project X: The True Story of Power Plant 67, which was considered by YouTube one of “the best dramas the web has to offer.” He writes about film, literature, and life at his blog, The Devouring Flame.

Posts By Clint Cullum

Best Films of 2013

January 17, 2014 | 1

Below, Clint Cullum offers his picks for the top ten films of 2013. You can find his list for 2012 here. Also, check out Joshua Sikora’s new review of Gravity, his favorite film of

The New World

July 3, 2013 |

That Terrence Malick is an enigma need not be overstated. Much has been made and speculated over regarding the director’s almost J.D. Saliger-like reclusiveness and the notoriously mysterious twenty year gap between his second and third …


June 11, 2013 |

THE WORLD IS YOURS … proclaims a marquee atop the Goodyear Blimp. The phrase clearly strikes a chord with Tony Montana since he has it inscribed on a giant, Atlas-like globe and sets it as the …

Grace and Modernism in "Journey to Italy"

May 9, 2013 |

Take it for what it’s worth, but speaking as a bachelor, if there is a greater movie about marriage than Roberto Rossellini’s Journey to Italy (1954) floating around out there in filmdom, then I haven’t seen …

John Huston's "Wise Blood"

April 28, 2013 |

Periodically at my church, St. James the Apostle Episcopal Church, I host an evening in which I show a film and then lead a discussion afterwards focusing on the finer points of film artistry and …

Best Films of 2012

January 21, 2013 |

Another year has come and gone and as usual there were several good films to be found if one knows where to look. Sadly, as usual the critics with their annual top 10 lists and the …