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Houston Baptist University | June 29, 2017

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Notes from SXSW: Day 5

March 17, 2016 | 4 Virtual reality dominated the conference once again. On day five, we look at the promising future of VR and the wondrous uses people have already found for it. Learn how VR is making our world a better place in these highlights from South by Southwest...

Notes from SXSW: Day 4

March 16, 2016 | 5 Virtual reality is “the next big thing” being explored in earnest at SXSW this year, and the next three days will be primarily dedicated to sessions focused on this emerging medium.

Notes from SXSW: Day 3

March 15, 2016 | 5 Day three here at South by Southwest was marked by opportunity — a glimpse at many of the new developments that have the potential for great good, if used well. Here are the highlights...

Notes from SXSW: Day 2

March 14, 2016 | 5 My second day at South by Southwest focused more on the impact of new technologies on the commerce of independent film and developing media. Here are some of the highlights...

Notes from SXSW: Day 1

March 13, 2016 | 5 It’s spring break, so while my students rest up or catch up, I’m off to Austin for the South by Southwest Festival & Conference — the largest annual gathering of filmmakers, musicians, and innovators in Texas. Here are my notes from the various sessions, keynotes, and films I’ve had the opportunity to attend...

Novelist Bret Lott Visits Campus

March 6, 2016 |

On March 4 and 5, best-selling novelist and acclaimed author Bret Lott spent two days on campus meeting with students in multiple classes, and presenting a reading and lecture to the public. Lott’s novel Jewel was …

Students Crew Upcoming Documentary Film

December 3, 2015 |

Cinema & New Media Arts students and faculty recently served as crew for an upcoming documentary from Anteroom Productions, A Voice from Deep Space. The new film, directed by Sean Finnegan, looks at the …

An Evening with Film Composer J.A.C. Redford

November 11, 2015 |

On November 9, we were honored to host film composer and orchestrator J.A.C. Redford (Bridge of Spies, Saving Mr. Banks, Wall•E, Newsies) for a thoughtful discussion about film music, art, and …

Sikora Interviewed for Documentary

July 19, 2015 |

This weekend, Cinema & New Media Arts program director Joshua Sikora was interviewed for the Ministry of Cinema‘s upcoming film, The Prequels Strike Back — a feature-length documentary exploring the artistry and innovation in George …

New Mass Media Offerings with Dr. Halliday

July 10, 2015 |

Houston Baptist University is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Halliday will be joining the School of Fine Arts this fall as an Associate Professor of Mass Media Arts. Dr. Halliday has more than thirty years …